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This web site is dedicated to Tristan Drake Molby and his fight for survival

Tristan was born on April 8th, 2010 at Overland Park Regional Hospital in Overland Park, KS. At first he appeared to be healthy. The first two days were good. He was very alert, his color seemed a little off but we were repeatedly told………..”oh, that is normal” as the hours went by he seemed to be struggling. He slowly stopped wanting to eat, his little hands and feet were discolored and very cold, he had a hard time breathing. His mommy constantly asked if he was okay and her worries were brushed aside…  

Just before he was scheduled to be released, she demanded that someone re-access him. At this point his feet started to turn blue, he felt freezing cold, something was definitely not right. His nurse agreed to take him back to the nursery and it was soon discovered that he was born with a rare congenital heart defect called ….

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and he was rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital. During this time his body was not receiving the blood supply that is needed to survive and he went into shock or what they called a “Hypoxic” state-his body shut down.

Tristan will have a series of three surgeries just to survive-he will never be

cured. All surgeries are very dangerous, with prolonged recovery periods, followed by lifelong regular cardiac follow ups. With many prayers and Tristan’s determination to fight and survive he has managed to surpass what many of his medical team deems medically impossible. Tristan is a TRUE hero, the strongest little warrior we have ever met! This web site isdedicated to Tristan Drake Molby and his fight for survival. He is currently at home and being constantly monitored by Children’s MercyHospital.

Since he was born he has undergone 3 open heart surgeries (2 by-pass)-a Hybrid (in lieu of the Norwood), a Hybrid Glen reconstruction, and a left pulmonary artery reconstruction- he has had four heart catheritizations, and survived with NO complications or side effects necrotizing enterocolitis (a often fatal intestinal infection).

His next scheduled surgery will be in the Summer of 2013. For now he is doing amazing and manages to defy all odds and statistics with every turn.

I will try to establish a time line in the photo album so that you may follow along; and we will do our best to provide current updates as his condition progresses. We have been offered financial assistance by many. To honor Tristan and the many CHD warriors and angels out there the family has set up an ” I.HEART.TRISTAN.FUND” this fund is now being used to assist with additional expenses incurred and in conjunction with the CHD fundraiser that Christy is coordinating. 

THANK YOU for ANY donation you give, even the smallest donation makes a HUGE difference!!

We are also keeping FACEBOOK updated with important status updates, so please feel free to subscribe to Sean Molby, Christy Nickerson-Molby or Tristans very own profiles: Tristan Molby on Facebook, Tristan Molby on Google + We would also like to thank everyone that has donated to his cause and provided much needed support. Please keep Tristan in your prayers.


4 Comments to Get to Know Tristan

  1. Sean Molby says:

    HOLY COW…. LOL Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend and week. I am not even sure if I can include all that transpired.. Simply because the past several days, especially including T’s last few days in the hospital, have been one scary, crazy, insanely fun rollercoaster ride… check out the current updates to read more

  2. Echo Craig says:

    Love you guys! Will be sending strong prayers for your whole family!

  3. Sean Molby says:

    Thank you for visiting Tristans new website, please a comment and let me know what you think!

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