Status Updates (Archive 2012)

life goes on 🙂 update August 11, 2012 ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎11, ‎2012, ‏‎1:38:16 PM | (Sean Molby)                        Read More

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Status Updates (Archive 2011)

June 14, 2011- a look at the past… ‎Tuesday, ‎June ‎14, ‎2011, ‏‎7:49:02 PM | (Sean Molby)                        Read More

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Status Updates (Archive 2010)

12/30/2010 Merry “late” Christmas ‎Thursday, ‎December ‎30, ‎2010, ‏‎4:47:54 PM | (Sean Molby)                         Wow,   what aRead More

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Non-Profit Foundation in the works! Please remember these …shirts can be worn for the walk but they are ACTUALLY the representation of the nonprofit organization (still in works) ALL proceedsRead More

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Get to Know Tristan

This web site is dedicated to Tristan Drake Molby and his fight for survival Tristan was born on April 8th, 2010 at Overland Park Regional Hospital in Overland Park, KS.Read More

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To honor Tristan and the many CHD warriors and angels out there the family has set up an “I.HEART.TRISTAN.FUND” this fund is being used to help support CHD families andRead More

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Videos (YouTube)

YouTube Videos   Working on an updated video! In preperation to make some higher quailty videos, I am requesting music releases from several indepedenant artists that I admire; Peter Hollens, JessRead More

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Photos (Slideshows)

Tristan at Overland Park Regional Hospital < Tristan was quickly transported to Childrens Mercy Hospital Tristan recovering from his first surgery Hybrid Stage One Tristan post surgery “The Floor” WeRead More

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 We wanted a place to say a special thanks to all of you who have done so much to help us through this difficult time. We will try to keepRead More

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A Celebration of Life! -"you will never be truly happy until you learn to appreciate life and take nothing for granted" ~Sean Molby

Non-Profit Foundation in the works!

Please remember these …shirts can be worn for the walk but they are ACTUALLY the representation of the nonprofit organization (still in works) ALL proceeds after cost will go straight to foundation… This means we most likely won’t change the design much throughout the years but keep the same one for a while. Only one color will be available andRead More

Faith Component- Troubled

Some may remember earlier this month me asking for prayers for a loved one. At the time I didn’t want to get into details, since then so much more has been going on & these past few weeks have been trying, scary, overwhelming and beyond stressful for us. Long story short (or at least semi-short) : Firstly, Sean’s mom wasRead More

Services and Memorial for Rick TimmRick Timm Memorial

Its been a whirl wind of a week. Its still just so hard to believe. We are all still pretty numb and just trying to figure out what to do next. All of the support, love, and kindness our family has been shown/given could never possible be repaid. So I will just do our best by simply saying THANK YOU!Read More

Some of our Proud Partners

  • Special Thanks To: Kayla, Tristan's guardian angel, from Overland Park Regional without your quick thinking Tristan would not be with us today~thank you!
  • Special Thanks To: I would like to send out a special thanks to Allen Elliot, a nice father whom I meet at the park while Tristan and Ella were playing; he was so kind as to post a Reddit Blog, which in turn helped a great deal. Please follow this link to review: Thank You Alan
  • Special Thanks To: Briahnna, Tristan's big sis. You have been so great sweetheart! We are soooooo very PROUD of you. You have stepped up and been so good through all this.
  • Special Thanks To: Jacque and Rick Timm (grandma & grandpa), for always being there when we need you, helping with the girls, and everything else that you do!
  • Special Thanks To: Brenda Rice (grandma), Frank Molby (grandpa), and Carol Hale for helping get the house ready to show. We could not have gotten done what needed done without your help.
  • Special Thanks To: Tam and Scott Kirk for taking Ella into your family so that she has somewhere stable to be throughout all this crazyness and for watching Briah that first week too.
  • Special Thanks To: the entire Kriegh family for taking in both of our huge doggies in and loving them as if they were their own, that has been an enormous help.
  • Special Thanks To: The Herndon family who has graciously taken Briah in over the weeks so that she can have a somewhat normal life and still attend school.
  • Special Thanks To: Bob and Rhonda Carlisle for helping out with Ella and for the extra support, all very much appreciated.
  • Special Thanks To: Francine & Libby for thinking of, organizing, and preparing a fundraiser sale for Tristan~ we can not begin to explain how much we appreciate that.
  • Having to shut down our daycare had taken a huge toll out on us!! Thank you Thank you to Grandma Rachel, Tracy Peters, Dusty and Janet Peters, Lori and Joe Chapman, Grandma Lu, Denny Nickerson, Staci and Tom Capranica, Aaron Chapman, Rick & Jacque Timm, Frank Molby, Tam and Scott, for sending money and helping us with the move. We would not have been able to get it done with out your help.
  • Special Thanks To: Frank Molby, Justin Vogeler, Caleb Molby, our neighbors at 713 Sturbridge Ct. (adam and spouse), mom and dad, Aunt Lori and Uncle Joe, grandma Lu, Amanda and her family for all the help with the move. It was greatly appreciated and definitely needed. There is no way we could have done it with out all your help.
  • Special Thanks To: those who have sent donations we can not begin to express how much we appreciate it : Alicia Smiley, Tracy Rose, Andrew Putnam, Kylee Miller, Kiley Conrad-Jones, Robert and Fayetta Molby, Seth Martin, Angie Ross, Kay Runge, Linda Tye.
  • I would like to extend this thank you to several complete strangers that donated to this cause; Don, Sinthanai, Tony, Brian, Sandra, Rachel, Gyongyi, Matt, Julian, Michael, Judith, Francis, Robert, Jennifer, Dana, Paul, Dave, Steven, Jayme, and Jennifer.
  • Special Thanks To: Kenneth Tucker and Joseph Chapman-thank you for the special prayer over Tristan before surgery!
  • Special Thanks To: Big thank you to Dr. Swinton (my George) for ALWAYS being there to help us through everytime we seemed to need it. To: Linda, Delores, and Aimee for answering all our repeated questions and concerns. To: Brecklyn, Kathy, the Liz's, Robyn, Tammy, Ashley, Christy, ans Rachel all of Tristan's favorite NICU nurses for your awesome care!!
  • Super big thanks to all of Tristan's favorite floor nurses; Kaylee, Laura, Amy, Rachel, Kelly, JoAnn, Christy, Brianne, Brian, Mary, Jill (from Child Life-thanks for playing w/Ella too) and everyone else who had to put up with me :) no really, thank you guys for making us so comfortable and less uneasy about having to leave him at night or during the day when needed. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!
  • A Humongous thank you to Dr.'s O'Brien and Kaine and their staff for perfoming the surgery needed to keep Tristan alive and to Children's Mercy Hospital for saving our little boy and giving us the chance to take him home!
  • Mason's Give A Heart Foundation and Shelly Black for always giving out ((((Hugs)))) and so much more. PCWSN for Christmas with Santa when Tristan was in quarantine and could not risk exposure to go and meet him. You both are making a difference
  • THANK YOU to Gayle and Max Schmoll, Amanda Phillips, Joy Mountjoy for their thougthful donations.
  • And THANK YOU to everyone who has kept Tristan and our family in your prayers and thoughts! YOU ALL HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!
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